May 28, 2024
RingCentral Video Security

RingCentral Video Security

With the launch of the RingCentral Video platform to unify collaboration across a modern business environment, ensuring secure and private communications is a top-of-mind concern for business users and IT professionals alike. RingCentral Video is a modern online meetings experience powered by the marketleading RingCentral unified communications platform. It combines high-quality video, audio, screen sharing, and team messaging into a collaborative online meeting hub that sparks conversations and fuels ideas—anytime, anywhere, on any device.

At RingCentral, our commitment to security has been proven to be second to none. Now we are extending that security commitment to RingCentral Video. That commitment starts with a global team of cybersecurity experts that participate not just in the planning and development of the platform but also its daily operations. RingCentral, as always, implements:

• Secure software development
• Strong access controls
• Resilient services
• Threat detection and mitigation
• Service operations controls
• Customer admin and user controls
• Built-in support for regulatory requirements
• Secure application programming interfaces (APIs)
• Pre-built integrations
• Transparency

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