April 21, 2024
Conversational Microsoft Teams Backup

Conversational Microsoft Teams Backup

One of the business side effects of the global pandemic of 2020 has been the increased reliance on remote working. Face-to- face meetings have become practically nonexistent and businesses have begun relying extensively on video, voice and chatting communications applications such as Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams was already beginning to gain rapid popularity even before the pandemic. However, it has quickly become indispensable, and like any other business-critical application Microsoft Teams needs to be protected by regularly backing up its data.

How Do You Back Up Teams?

One of the first things that needs to be considered is how to back up Microsoft Teams. As I’m sure you know, Teams is a part of Microsoft 365, or Office 365, or whatever Microsoft is calling it this week. So, if you want to back up Teams, you will need to back up Office 365.

One of the things that makes backing up Microsoft Teams so interesting though, is that Teams isn’t what I would consider to be a self-contained application. To show you what I mean, consider the way that Microsoft Exchange Server works.

Whether it’s running on premises or in the Office 365 cloud, Exchange Server is designed to store user mailboxes within the Exchange Information Store databases. These databases are a part of the Exchange Server application.

Microsoft Teams works differently. Rather than Teams data being stored within the Teams application, it is widely scattered throughout the Office 365 cloud. Different types of Teams content are stored in different locations.

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